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Ingesting body cleaners Two ladies pass away

After ingesting body cleaners, two ladies pass away, and one is fighting for her life.

In the Southern Province’s Gwembe district, TWO ladies have died and one is fighting for her life after ingesting an allegedly herbal body cleaner.

Investigations showed that the victims had really taken a herbal body cleaner, contrary to initial suspicions that they had used enhancers.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said two males thought to be in connection with selling the women the supposed body cleaners have now been caught.

Mungala Nchimunya, 27, and Chooka N’gandu, 26, he claimed, were detained on February 24 of this year but have not yet been officially charged.

He stated two of the women have died, while one is battling for her life in Hospital.

“Three women were reported to have had taken performance boosters in Gwembe District of Southern Province. However, Police investigations have revealed that it was not performance boosters they consumed as alleged ,but a herbal substance which was identified to be for ‘Body cleansing’.The incident occurred on February 23, 2023 in Chipepo, Chibwenkusu village in Gwembe District around 17:00 hours,” he said.

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