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Inmate kills himself in police cells

A prisoner who committed suicide by hanging himself from a burglar bar with a pair of socks was an inmate who was held at the Zamtan police station in Kitwe.

After making an attempt to steal a goat from a farm inside the Zamtan compound, the suspect was hauled to the police.

Philison Kahalu, 32, committed suicide in the small hours of Tuesday, according to Copperbelt Province Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, when he was incarcerated in police cells.

According to Mr. Mweemba, Kahalu was discovered dead by inmate Frederick Mulenga, 27, who had just gone to the bathroom.

Soon after Mulenga learned that his coworker had passed away, he called the other two prisoners, who then began requesting assistance from the on-duty police officers.

“Kahalu in the company of other suspects went to a farm on January 27,2023 around  23:00 hours where they attempted to steal a goat, however the farm manager heard some noise and when he  went to check he found unknown people trying to slaughter a goat before stealing it. The other suspected criminals ran away but Kahalu was apprehended and taken to the police. Around 04:30 hours the officers on duty heard the other three suspects in custody shouting that one of them has committed suicide,”said Mr Mweemba.

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