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Woman in Kapiri discovered dead hours after exiting nightclub

A TWIN will regrettably never forget the last time she saw her sister leave a nightclub and learning of her demise hours later.

Sandra Ngosa, 29, had visited a nightclub yesterday. Her sister last saw her leaving the establishment at 4:00 a.m.

A few hours later, Ms. Ngosa was tragically discovered dead with a bruised face. She is believed to have been the victim of a rape given that she was discovered with her underwear below the knees.

Since that time, police have detained two suspects in the slaying of Ms. Ngosa.

According to David Chileshe, the police commissioner for the Central Province, the event took place yesterday between 4:00 and 5:00 in Kapiri-Riverside Mposhi’s settlement.

“The report was from Grace Mulenga aged 50 of Riverside township in Kapiri to the effect that her niece Sandra Ngosa aged 29 of Zambia Railways Cottage Kapiri was found killed by unknown person(s). She was last seen by her twin sister leaving Concord Night Club on January 31st, this year at around 04:00 hours in Riverside township Kapiri Mposhi. Police visited the scene and the body was found with some bruises on the face and her underpants just below the knees and police suspected that could have been raped before being murdered,” he said.

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