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Inter Agency Agreement Will Strengthen Graft War-Haimbe

An inter-agency framework aimed at fostering coordination in the fight against corruption has been signed by ten government entities tasked with the duty of combating corruption and illicit money flows.

The framework will encourage coordination and information sharing in asset recovery and criminal prosecution.

The inter-agency framework, according to Justice Minister MULAMBO HAIMBE, would increase the effectiveness of investigations and prosecutions involving stolen cash.

He has cautioned that because ten law enforcement agencies are cooperating to fight corruption, the perpetuators no longer have anywhere to hide.

The Zambia Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Zambia Revenue Authority are the organizations that have signed the framework.

Other organizations include the Office of the Auditor General, National Anti-Terrorism Center, Bank of Zambia, Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Immigration Department, and Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

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