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ZAM Wants Power Exports to Stop

The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) has requested that the government temporarily halt the export of energy to neighboring nations until the needs of the regional economy are fulfilled.

Although the association applauds the government for lowering electricity exports, ZAM Chief Executive Officer MUNTANGA LINDUNDA says there should be an increase in power supply during production hours to prevent manufacturers from transferring the additional cost to consumers.

According to Ms. LINDUNDA, load shedding has raised production costs for most enterprises through an increase in fuel expenses to run generators, with some businesses projecting monthly diesel expenditures in the millions of Kwacha.

She claims that this will have a negative effect on the already stressed foreign exchange market, increasing the nation’s fuel usage.

Ms. LINDUNDA urged the government to implement measures that would promote energy production by the private sector in a statement to ZNBC news.

Energy Minister PETER KAPALA said last week that the government has reduced electricity exports as a result of the nation’s poor power generation.

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