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Review of Public Order Has Been Completed

The assessment of the Public Order Act by the Zambia Law Development Commission is now complete, and the ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security will receive the draft Amendment Bill.

The contentious Public Order Act, which has been criticized in the past for providing the Police excessive authority to curtail freedoms, is being repealed and replaced with the Public Gathering Bill.

The Public Gathering Bill and the report will be given to the Minister on Monday of next week for further action by the authorities, according to Law Development Commission Acting Director MWIBA MWENDA.

According to Mr. MWENDA, the commission established a Technical Committee to oversee the process during the review phase.

Numerous stakeholders, such as civil society organizations, individuals, and government agencies, received more than 400 requests for submissions.

A desk examination of the provisions of the Zambian constitution and international legislation on human rights and fundamental freedoms was also carried out, according to Mr. MWENDA, who spoke to ZNBC news.

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