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Nkandu: Government looking for funding to expand National Internship Program

According to Mr. NKANDU, the initiative being held in conjunction with the UNDP is intended to reduce the nation’s unemployment rate.

The adolescents will be put in various ministries and organizations, according to the minister, in order to help them gain experience.

Additionally, a ZNBC News crew discovered several young people dropping off applications for the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and the Arts’ internship program.

The young people I spoke with urged their peers to benefit from the government initiative.

According to Youth, Sport, and Arts Minister ELVIS NKANDU, the government is looking for more financing to increase the number of young people who will be enrolled in the National Youth Development internship program.

The government wants to double the number of youths from the targeted 2,000 to over 10,000, according to Mr. Nkandu.

Mr. Nkandu has also exhorted the nation’s youth to submit numerous applications for the 12-month internship program.

Young people are encouraged to start submitting applications right away until the deadline on January 17.

He has asked young people who reside outside of Lusaka to submit their applications to the district commissioners’ offices in their home cities.

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