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Joint Investigation Into The 27 Dumped Bodys Started

The death of the 27 foreign people who were found dumped on a road in the Meanwood Khosi region on Sunday is being looked into, according to the Department of Immigration, which has established a joint investigative team.

The team includes officials from the Zambian police, the immigration department, and other agencies, according to NAMATI NSHINKA, the department’s public relations officer.


According to Mr. NSHINKA, the foreign national who was discovered alive and sent to the hospital is doing well and is in a stable condition.

The identities of all the deceased and the surviving have not yet been determined, Mr. NSHINKA stated.

Investigations into the 27 bodies that were found abandoned in the Meanwood Nkosi Area of Lusaka, according to Deputy Police Spokesperson DANNY MWALE, have gotten more serious.

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