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K100,000 Stolen from car In Lsk

Unknown suspected thieves broke into a car and stole K100,000 after using unidentified objects to open one of the doors.

Danny Mwale, a police deputy public relations officer, claimed that the thieves broke into the automobile when it was parked outside of a store on the Great North road.

He claimed that the incident took place yesterday between 12:00 and 13:30 after the funds were taken out of Manda Hill.

“We received a report from Ahmed Younis Kamaleldin of Emmasdale area in Lusaka who reported that around 10:30 hours, he withdrew the money from the malll and proceeded to his shop where he parked the vehicle. When he went to the car around 13:30 hours he noticed the drawer was open and money was missing. Police visited the scene where it was observed that the door to the driver’s seat was forced open using an unknown object,”he said.

A computer monitor, boots, and various foodstuffs were among the items stolen from the Kabwata Parliamentary Constituency office, according to Mr. Mwale.

He claimed that the event occurred at about 8:00 AM while the security guard for the day shift was arriving for duty.

According to Mr. Mwale, the night shift guard was not present when the security guard discovered the building had been broken into.

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