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Kaizer Zulu Arrested

The political advisor to former president EDGAR LUNGU, KAIZER ZULU, has been detained.
Mr. ZULU was arrested, according to police deputy spokesperson DANNY MWALE, who did not provide any other details.

However, Mr. MWALE has stated that a thorough statement will be released later.
And in a separate incident, an elderly couple was slain at their home in the Kasupe neighborhood of Lusaka by unidentified assailants.

On Tuesday, neighbors found the couple’s decaying bodies around 30 meters from their home.
The couple has been confirmed as BWALYA CHILESHE, 56, and her husband, BERNARD CHOMBA, 60, by police deputy spokesperson DANNY MWALE.
He claims that about 30 meters from their home, the bodies of BWALYA CHILESHE, 56, and her husband, BENARD CHOMBA, 60, were found in a decomposed form.

According to Mr. MWALE, early investigations show that the Avondale-based informant received a message from a friend informing her that her sister and husband had not been seen in three days and that no one had answered their cell phones.

He claims that when police and the designated informant went to the home of the two deceased people after getting a complaint, they discovered a variety of household items strewn about the residence as well as the couple’s Silver Toyota Spacio with the incorrect registration number ADD 5815.

Police eventually found the bodies next to the residence, Mr. MWALE continues.

He claims that a pathologist has subsequently been notified so that the postmortem can be performed there, where the remains are already decaying.

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