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Kalumbila’s Chief MUMENA Requests Radio Services

The government has been urged to extend radio services to Kalumbila District in North Western Province because, according to Chief MUMENA, the region does not receive radio signal.

The traditional leader claims that as a result, the public is now less informed about official statements and policies.

When CHUSHI KASANDA visited Chief MUMENA at his palace in Kalumbila, he was in the middle of a speech.

The traditional chief was also given the assurance by Ms. KASANDA that the government would connect all places lacking radio coverage.

She also gave the traditional chief assurances that the government would finish the North Western Provincial Studios project, which has been on hold since 2014.

Despite being fully funded, according to Ms. KASANDA, the provincial studios in the Southern and North Western Provinces were not built because they were seen as strongholds of the opposition.

In the meantime, ZNBC’s interim director general BRIGHT NKAKA disclosed that the organization had received 7.5 million kwacha to increase radio offerings.

According to Mr. NKAKA, the company has already begun extending radio services to locations without radio signals, adding that Kalumbila will also gain from this.

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