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Kaseba Requests Aid for Africa’s Energy Transition

CHRISTINE KASEBA, Zambia’s ambassador to France, has requested for financial and technological support for the shift to renewable energy sources.

According to Dr. KASEBA, this is the only way Africa can participate in the goal of reducing emissions globally.

Since then, she has urged the creation of a robust just transition agenda that takes into account the projected $1.3 trillion in stranded assets that will result from a move away from fossil fuel sectors.

During a high-level conference on climate change that was hosted by the International Energy Agency, Dr. KASEBA made the comments in Paris.

Also, Dr. KASEBA stated that Zambia, as the African Group of Climate Change Negotiators’ chair, is looking forward to working with Dr. SULTAN AHMED AL-JABER, the COP28 President-elect.

Dr. AL JABER stated in his opening remarks that the COP28 has a significant task to make decisions to cut emissions to 43% in the following seven years.

Earlier, Dr. FATIH BIROL, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, stated that the COP28 would take place at a crucial moment when emissions are rising and there is a geopolitical energy crisis.

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