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Kasonde Mweenda led him to police

After presenting himself to the police this afternoon, Kasonde Mwenda, the head of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), was taken into custody.

Mwenda, who has been missing since last Friday, surrendered to the police before being accused of unlawful assembly.

Police According to a statement from deputy public relations officer Danny Mwale, Mwenda is currently being formally charged by the police with eluding lawful custody.

“Mwenda presented himself to the Police around 15:00 hours.He is detained in police custody charged for the offense of unlawful assembly and yet to be formally charged with the offense of escape from lawful custody,”said Mr Mwale.

The planned demonstration over the selection of a contractor to build the Ndola-Lusaka dual carriage road is said to have been organized by Mwenda.

Mwenda was captured by the police along with 23 other members of the unlawful assembly, however it is claimed that he fled once he arrived at the police station.

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