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Kasumbalesa Visited By Defence and Security chiefs

The Defence and Security Chiefs have visited Kaumbalesa border post and the surrounding areas in an ongoing endeavor to ensure that the problem of mealie meal smuggling is kept under control and that security is in place.

To guarantee that the vice is under control, security wings have been sent to areas where mealie meal smuggling is rife.

Smuggling has increased dramatically in several regions of the nation over the past few weeks, which has resulted in shortages of mealie meal for human consumption because the product was being smuggled into the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mealie meal exports have been halted by the government as a result of actions taken to address the problem that endangered the nation’s food security.

Defense and security chiefs have subsequently started conducting checks in border areas as a result of this.

Elisha Matambo, Copperbelt Minister, welcomed the visiting defense and security chiefs and said that the crisis is under control and that the residents may expect it to pass quickly.

“My plea is to the residents of Copperbelt that be be calm and also be vigilant towards the fight against smuggling. Citizens should help is by reporting anyone suspicious. This is a passing phase and so people should not be mislead by prophets of doom because the situation is under control,” he said.

Mr Matambo noted that people should not panic in the purchase of mealie meal because Government has released around 65,000 tonnes to help cushion the market.

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