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Lusaka mother Commits Suicide Taking children with her

In a tragic and terrifying turn of events, a 31-year-old mother from Lusaka killed two of her kids before committing suicide.

Despite being admitted to the hospital, the third youngster, who was likewise poisoned like the other two victims, miraculously survived.

Prior to committing murder, attempted murder, and suicide, Mercy Kabungo, 31, is thought to have dispatched a named niece to the drugstore to get medication under the pretense that one of the children was ill.

When the aforementioned niece returned home, she was in for a nasty awakening when she discovered the three kids, who ranged in age from three to nine, lying unconscious and gasping for air.

The children were swiftly taken to the hospital after she is said to have hurried to contact neighbors, but sadly two of them perished along with the mother, who hanged herself.

According to Godfrey Chilabi, an assistant police public relations officer, who confirmed the event to Mwebantu, it happened on Tuesday, April 11, at around 17:20 in Kabanana township.

“Brief facts are that deceased (mother) sent her 17-year-old named niece to go and buy medicine claiming one of the children was sick.

When she came back, she found the children in an unconscious condition and gasping for air. The niece rushed to inform neighbors who acted in quick response and organised for transport to rush the children to hospital where the two children identified as Hope Mbewe aged seven and Narthan Mbewe aged three, both females were pronounced dead upon arrival,” he said.

Mr Chilabi said the other child ,Sipho Mbewe aged nine, a male survived and after being admitted to hospital.

“During the same incident, the mother reportedly hanged herself and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.The motive behind this act is not yet established and police investigations have been instituted,” he said.

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