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KATOTOBWE Demonstrates Trust In The Country’s Leadership

The country is moving in the right direction politically and economically, according to the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

The government’s efforts to stimulate the economy, according to CPD Executive Director CAROLINE KATOTOBWE, will soon start to pay off.

Also, Ms. KATOTOBWE urged people to be patient and give the administration a chance to run its affairs with their full support and collaboration.

Ms. KATOTOBWE praised the president’s thorough and well-balanced speech to the legislature on Friday, which focused on the application of national values and principles.

It is important for citizens to be completely on board and embrace patriotism, she said, thus the President’s request for cooperation and support from the Zambian people & all stakeholders regardless of party affiliation is vital.

According to Ms. KATOTOBWE, the Head of State presented a balance between what the government has so far accomplished and the actual results of its successes.

She added that the speech also demonstrated the government’s understanding that morals and ethics are closely related to the health of the economy, highlighting the necessity of fighting poverty, which is a major factor in moral deterioration in any given society.

Ms. KATOTOBWE stated that all well-intentioned Zambians should applaud President HICHILEMA’s powerful message on the battle against corruption.

She claimed that social vices like corruption deprive the majority of Zambians of the chance to live fully realized lives.

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