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Public sector employees were paid correctly

According to preliminary research by the Ministry of Finance and National Development, public servants were paid correctly in their bank accounts for the month of February 2023.

This comes after information that there were irregularities in the payroll processing for February 2023.

The real sums received by the authorities and recorded in their accounts are for a single salary, despite the fact that certain public officials’ pay slips indicate that they are being paid twice.

According to Mr. CHISENDA, the cops received the right payments for the month.

According to him, the duplicated products are believed to have been caused by a pay slip printing error, and the situation is being looked into.

Nonetheless, Mr. Chisenda stated in a statement that any overpayment in a public official’s bank account should be disclosed right away in compliance with Regulation Number 78(4) of the Public Financial Management (General) Regulations, 2020 to enable rapid corrective action.

The overall cost of salaries in February 2023 exceeded 3.4 billion Kwacha.

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