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MPEZENI provides political advice

Politicians have been advised by paramount chief MPEZENI of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province to defend the aspiration and hope of Zambia’s founding fathers.

Politicians have been urged by the Paramount Chief to protect the nation’s love, peace, and unity and not let politics drive a wedge between them.

He asserts that for Zambians to advance both personally and as a nation, they must always keep their unity.

The traditional leader claims he is always disturbed by the conflicts and hurt felt by politicians, whom he counseled to proceed in the spirit of “One Zambia, One Country,” learn to be patient with one another, and be slow to anger.

The Ngoni traditional leader claims that for the last 40 years that he has been in power, serving all seven Presidents, he has given political figures guidance and counsel.

In order to express the wish for love and unity, he also requested for the Great East Road, which runs from Lusaka all the way to Malawi, to be renamed the Umodzi Highway.

Paramount Chief MPEZENI advised Ngonis to pursue education since it is an equalizer for everyone in a speech that was read for him by Nc’wala Organising Committee Chairperson BETSY NKHOMA.

He asked parents to quit forcing their kids into early marriages so they can support themselves.

Moreover, paramount chief MPEZENI asked Ngonis to continue restocking the Angoni breed, which Colonialists exterminated.

He claimed that this year’s Nc’wala is unique since it commemorates both his 40 years in power as well as the 41 years since the colonial authorities allowed the event to resume.

Moreover, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA praised Paramount Chief MPEZENI for reaching 40 years in power.

The administration always values the Ngoni leader’s sage advice, according to President HICHILEMA.

He made this statement in a speech given to the group by General JOSHUA JERE, Chairman of the Nc’wala Organising Committee.

The call for renaming the Great East Road will be brought up at the upcoming Cabinet meeting, according to Local Government and Rural Development Minister GARY NKOMBO.

Government officials concur, he said, that Umodzi is important to the country.

The government, according to Mr. NKOMBO, concurs with Chief MPEZENI that education is essential for success and that early marriage should be discouraged.

Also, during this year’s Nc’wala ceremony, Ngonis should seriously consider their Zulu ancestry, according to South Africa’s Zulu King ZWELETINI, who had a speech read for him by the former Zambian ambassador to Australia, GEORGE ZULU.

The King also demanded that ties between the Zulus and Ngonis be further reinforced.

Moreover, KELVIN HAMBWEZYA, chief executive officer of Zambezi Seed, urged the government to expand the FISP to include new types of rice, millet, and sorghum that his company is currently developing.

The FRA Board Chair, Mr. HAMBWEZYA, also raised worry about the widespread smuggling of corn that the Agency supplies to neighboring nations.

While the FRA is providing maize at a reduced cost, he encouraged the security wings to enhance border restrictions.

The subject for this year’s Nc’wala ceremony is “40 years of Peace, Love, and Unity.”

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