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KGS COLLECTS ACCEPTANCE Letters from 1,000 Chisali Girls

Over 1,000 girls who were added to the Keeping Girls in School – KGS program in the District have gotten their admission letters, according to PARDON TESHO, secretary of the Chinsali District Education Board.

Out of 1,386 acceptance letters, Mr. TESHO claims his office has distributed a total of 1,220 through Community Welfare Assistance Committees.

According to him, the government has continued to make sure that girls attend school through a number of initiatives, including the free education policy and the Keeping Girls in School campaign.

According to him, many girls will return to school thanks to the KGS initiative, which has been implemented in the Chinsali and Mpika Districts this year.

According to Mr. TESHO, the program’s primary goal is to ensure that the girls stay in school despite any difficulties their parents may be experiencing.

Additionally, Isoka, Mafinga, and Shiwang’andu Districts are where the Keeping Girls in School program is being conducted, according to Muchinga Province Senior Social Welfare Officer COLLINS CHAVUTA.

He stated that there are 2,449 beneficiaries.

According to Mr. CHAVUTA, the initiative has been running smoothly so far.

And a grandparent who obtained acceptance letters from KGS for three of his granddaughters, MUTALE MULABANYA, says the government should keep providing aid to the needy because they would be the country’s future leaders.

Mr. Mulabanya applauded the government for including the girls on KGS, stating that it can be difficult for grandparents to provide their grandchildren with the necessities for education.

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