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Kitwe Dc Concern Cdf Expenses For Boringholes

The cost of installing two boreholes at Rokana and Hellen Kaunda Secondary Schools has been questioned by Kitwe District Commissioner LAWRENCE MWANZA.

Mr. MWANZA has subsequently questioned the council’s Technical Committee for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) on the approval of the works, which cost a total of roughly 400,000 Kwacha.

He examined the two boreholes while he was still speaking.

The two boreholes, according to Kitwe Town Clerk PATRICK KAMBITA, are out of the norm, and the submitted Bill of Quantity supports that.

Under the 2022 CDF for Nkana constituency, the secondary schools at Rokana and Hellen Kaunda have each got a borehole in an effort to increase water availability.

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