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Kwacha Declines During Tuesday’s Trades

Tuesday’s trading session saw a decline in the Kwacha’s value vs the US dollar.

It was open from 19 to 23 Kwacha and closed at 19. Regarding the interbank offer, kwacha 25 ngwee.

Despite the Central Bank’s efforts to provide the market with forex, demand for hard currency was gradually rising.

In the near future, it is projected that the Kwacha will continue on its current course.

According to a Treasury Market brief from Access Bank, this is the case.

In addition to selling the Euro for 20 Kwacha 84 ngwee, the Bank is also selling the dollar at 19 Kwacha and 41 ngwee.

The South African rand is being offered by the bank for one Kwacha one ngwee, while the British pound is being offered at 23 Kwacha 39 Kwacha.

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