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Leading Movement Praises Media

The political party Leadership Movement has applauded the media for helping to safeguard Zambia’s democracy.

The media, according to LM President Richard Silumbe, has been crucial in emphasizing economic activities that have occurred this year.

At the Meet the Media gala dinner that his party organized, Dr. SILUBWE gave a speech.

He explained that because the media is an important partner in advancing the country, his party will continue to interact with the sector in the upcoming year.

In addition, Dr. SILUBWE praised President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s suggestion to bring back youth recruitment through the Zambia National Service.

He claimed that the program is excellent for enhancing skills and creating jobs.

In the meantime, LM Chairman DAVID KALUMBA announced that the party will participate in the two by-elections in Kashikishi’s Nsama district and Kasama’s Kapanda ward.

In order to strengthen democracy, Mr. Kalumba revealed that the Liberation Movement took part in the elections held in 2022 in Kabushi, Kwacha, and Luangwa.

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