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Livingstone Welcomes Set Of Triplets in New Year

On January 1, a mother in Livingstone gave birth to a set of triplets.

KENNETH CHIBWE, a surgeon at Livingstone University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), reports that the triplets, who are all boys, were born at thirty-four weeks and are doing well.

According to Dr. Chibwe, the first of the triplets arrived at 07:42, followed by the second and third babies, who arrived at 07:43 and 07:44, respectively.

The mayor of Livingstone, CONSTANCE MULEABAI, spoke after presenting the mother with the hampers and urged the neighborhood to support the family in raising the triplets.

Ms. MULEABAI has congratulated the medical personnel for supporting the safe delivery of the New Year babies. She has also handed hampers to six other moms, four at LUTH and one at Maramba Clinic.

However, the mayor has suggested that two mothers who are 17 years old think about returning to school.

The two women should return to school, according to Ms. MULEABAI, so they can gain the education and know-how necessary to care for their children.

To greet the year 2023, hundreds of people from Livingstone gathered in public spaces last night.

However, the Zambia Police Service officers kept a close eye on the crowds as they joyfully celebrated, while the Road Traffic and Safety Agency RTSA kept a close eye on the drivers.

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