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low crop yield is likely to be a choma report

Due to floods and an army worm infestation, the Choma district in the Southern province is anticipated to record low crop yield during the current farming season.

Floods have reportedly been observed in four wards, namely Siamambo, Mboole, Kabanze, and Sibanyati, according to district agricultural coordinator MARTIN SIKAINGA.

According to Mr. SIKAINGA, the flood has impacted 386 farmers with a total hectarage of 336.


Army worms have also been reported in all of Choma district’s wards and 40 agricultural camps, he has noted.

According to Mr. SIKAINGA, army worms were present in 6,882 crop fields with a total area of 1,581 hectars.

Yet, he said that farmers had received insecticides to control the army worms.

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