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Lubinda, Chilangwa Barred By Court From Serving As PF Leaders

The LUSAKA High Court has prohibited the Patriotic Front’s Acting President GIVEN LUBINDA and Acting Secretary General NICKSON CHILANGWA from serving in their capacities until further notice.

The suspension of MILES SAMPA, a member of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front-PF, was also overturned by the court.

After Mr. SAMPA requested an Exparte Injunction to prevent his suspension, Judge Timothy Katenewa rendered his decision.

Yesterday, Mr. SAMPA took the PF leadership to court to contest his six-week ban from the PF Central Committee.

Mr. SAMPA asserted that the purpose of his suspension is to prevent him from running in the Party’s upcoming presidential election in March 2023.

Mister SAMPA sued as first and second respondents Mr. CHILANGWA and Mr. LUBINDA.

He has also contested NICKSON CHILANGWA’s and GIVEN LUBINDA’s right to serve as the party’s acting secretary general and president, respectively.

Mr. SAMPA has argued that Mr. LUBINDA is ineligible to serve as the acting president of the PF in accordance with Section 53 of the PF Constitution.

He argued that in accordance with the rules of the PF Constitution, DAVIES MWILA, who was the Party’s substantive Secretary General at the time former President Edgar Lungu resigned, was required to assume control until the party’s convention.

Mr. SAMPA demanded that the PF convention to choose the Party President be held immediately.

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