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Lumezi DC arrested after 271 bags of corn were purportedly stolen

Jimmy Phiri, a 50-year-old Lumezi District Commissioner from the Magodi compound, has been charged with abuse of authority and detained by police in Lundazi.

Just a few days prior, the deputy permanent secretary for the province of Luapula and five district commissioners were fired for allegedly taking part in the transfer of minerals that were allegedly stolen.

And according to a statement released today by police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, Mr. Phiri has also been jointly charged with theft by public servant and arrested along with two Food Reserve Agency (FRA) Depot Clerks named Mubanga Musoma, 23, and Masiye Mbewe, 46, who are all based at Chikomeni FRA Holding Depot.

According to Mr. Mwale, the arrest is related to the alleged theft of 271 50 kilogram bags of white maize.

According to him, authorities found 160 bags, and their inquiries have become more thorough.

“The alleged offence occurred on February 24, 2023 in Chikomeni area of Lumezi District in Eastern Province.The suspects are detained in Police custody waiting for court appearance,” he said.

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