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Man from Ndola detained after Selling 22 stolen cobs of maize in the DRC

A 42-year-old guy from Ndola’s Sakania neighborhood was apprehended for stealing 22 cobs of maize in Sakania’s Kamalasha neighborhood.

It is thought that Boniface Chisenga stole the grain before confessing to selling it to citizens of the nearby Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

It is suspected that he often steals corn to sell to people in the DRC in order to get money, and that this is not the first time he has done so.

Due to the DRC’s dependence on Zambia for the majority of its maize meal, people have in the past smuggled maize and maize meal into the country next door.

Unfortunately for Chisenga, he is now just one of several people who tried to smuggle maize into the DRC and were apprehended.

Peacewell Mweemba, the commanding officer of the Copperbelt police, stated that the event took place at the Misaka agricultural area along the Ndola-Mufulira route.

Police received a complaint from Sililo Monde 53 that unknown people had stolen 269 cobs from her field valued at K1,345. He said on the same day around 03:00 hours one of the farm workers went to the fields so that he could find the suspects behind the thefts. At around 05:00 hours in the morning, a male person was spotted in the field stealing maize and it was at that point through the help of the owner and neighbours that suspect was apprehended within the field and with him he had 22 cobs of fresh maize in a sack. When the suspect was interviewed in connection with the theft of maize beside what he was found with, he confessed to having being behind the theft of other cobs of maize which he had been taking to DRC for sale,” he said

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