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Lusaka Suffers From Potato Shortage

Irish potatoes are in short supply in a few specific markets in Lusaka due to a high demand for the product.

ZNBC News discovered that most retailers at the Mtendere, Kabwata, and Kaunda Square marketplaces were out of stock.

And numerous Buya Bamba depots have been marked by lengthy lines of customers waiting to purchase potatoes.

Some traders have raised the price of potatoes by taking advantage of the demand.

They claim that over the holiday season, buyers have been purchasing the commodity in large quantities.

The government has adequate potatoes on hand, according to CALVIN KALEYI, spokesperson for the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

According to Mr. KALEYI, as of July of this year, the nation has carryover supplies of potatoes totaling 700 metric tonnes.

According to him, the market’s demand as a result of the holiday season is what has caused the fake shortage.

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