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Raised Minimum Wage For All Workers

The minimum wage for domestic, retail, and other workers has been raised by the government.

The increase in the minimum wage, according to Labour and Social Security Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA, was decided upon after negotiations with the three major constituencies and other important parties.

The minimum wage for domestic employees, according to Mrs. TAMBATAMBA, has been increased from 993 Kwacha 60 Ngwee to 1,300 Kwacha.

She also notes an increase in the minimum salary for general laborers from 1,698 Kwacha 60 Ngwee to 2,313 Kwacha 10 Ngwee.

The minimum salary for shop workers in grade 1 has been increased from 1,698 Kwacha 60 ngwee to 2,313 Kwacha 10 ngwee, according to Mrs. TAMBATAMBA, who was speaking at a press briefing.

The Minister made it clear that only unionized workers and people in vulnerable groups will be subject to the revised minimum wage.

As the government completes the process to modify the minimum wage, Ms. TAMBATAMBA asked employers and employees who are covered by the regulations governing minimum wages and conditions of employment to be patient.

She stated that the new minimum wage would go into effect in January of 2019.

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