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Makhadzi shares new booking details

Makhadzi shares new booking details after ending the working relationship with Open Mic Production. During the week, the singer released an official statement saying she refused to renew her contract with the music company. She detailed the albums, songs, and wins achieved while under the label.


The hitmaker thanked the company for the contribution made to her music career. Taking to social media, Makhadzi announced her new booking details and urged people to stop booking through her former record label.


“Book me now. Don’t book me via open mic cz honestly I won’t show up, the contract has ended. I don’t want to fight with promoters and my fans,” she wrote.

In other news – Zoleka Mandela prepares for her funeral

Taking to social media on Tuesday, 2 May, the writer, activist, and Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter said she’s back at home and is done with her radiation treatment therapy.

Zoleka Mandela

Dear Diary! Guess what happened today? I had my last and 10th Radiation Treatment to my brain. I even got to take my Radiation Mask with me, as memorabilia!!! My Radiation Oncologist has also asked me to discontinue the STEROIDS, I’m back home and feeling indebted!!! Next form of treatments is with my Medical Oncologist. Peace. Passion. Positivity,” she wrote. Learn more

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