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Malawi and Zambia Sign an MoU

Two memoranda of understanding between Malawi and Zambia have been signed in an effort to strengthen their mutual defense and security cooperation.

The two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) that were signed in Livingstone deal with military cooperation and training as well as the execution of a staff training assistance program for the Senior Command and Staff Course at the Malawi Defence Command and Staff College.

At the 17th Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) on Defence and Security between Zambia and Malawi, Defense Minister AMBROSE LUFUMA signed on behalf of Zambia.

According to Mr. LUFUMA, the defense and security wings should never stop looking for solutions to stop the rising number of border transgressions.

He listed some of the border violations that need to be addressed, including smuggling, illegal immigration, and human trafficking.

The two countries were praised by Mr. LUFUMA for their ongoing assistance to the JPC.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Malawi’s Minister of Homeland Security, JEAN SENDEZA, stated that the two nations must work quickly to create a shared future where their inhabitants may coexist peacefully.

According to Ms. SENDEZA, Malawi is dedicated to the bilateral collaboration it has with Zambia, which she claimed is essential to resolving the security issues the two nations are now facing.

In order to maintain peace, she also urged the security and defense wings of Malawi and Zambia to strengthen their bilateral ties.

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister JACK MWIIMBU also complimented the delegates for the resolutions made during the official closing ceremony of the Zambia-Malawi JPC, which were intended to address current and potential security challenges along the borders of the two countries.

Mr. MWIIMBU also reaffirmed the willingness of the Zambian administration to collaborate on security and defense matters with the Joint Permanent Commission.

The JPC meeting raised worries about the increasing threat of terrorism in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province, the illegal trade in wildlife, particularly pangolins, and the smuggling of agricultural products and inputs.

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