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GEORGE KAWATU sworn in as head of emoluments commission

According to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, compensation for civil officials should be equitable and not differ between individuals who carry out the same or similar activities.

The Emoluments Commission has also been instructed by President HICHILEMA to make sure that civil officials are paid according to the quality of their job.

The Head of State swore in GEORGE KAWATU as Chairperson of the Emoluments Commission as he was speaking.

The President also installed LEVY PHIRI as Cabinet Office’s documentarian.

And President HICHILEMA raised concern over the culture that is increasingly fostering solitary labor among some civil servants.

The Head of State claimed that advancement in the civil service is hampered by solitary work.

The new hires were further urged by President HICHILEMA to start thinking about forming teams right now in order to foster teamwork at the workplace.

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