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MALAWIAN woman attempt to ditch Zambian husband for Congolese boyfriend Foiled

The Lusaka City Council (LCC), which declined to provide her a marriage license, thwarted a Malawian woman’s attempt to leave her Zambian spouse in favor of a Congolese partner.

The anonymous woman applied to be legally married to her Congolese boyfriend in a love triangle combining three nations, but she ran into a legal roadblock.

“The Local Authority has dismissed a marriage application by a Congolese businessman and Malawian woman both based in Zambia following an objection that the woman is still married to a Zambian man,” council public relations officer Chola Mwamba said.

According to Ms. Mwamba, the couple was eligible to get a marriage license under Zambian law, but the local official rejected their application after the woman’s legally married husband objected.

According to Ms. Mwamba, the Zambian wife’s longtime boyfriend from the Congo informed members of the public that his wife was being married today.

“In this vein, the local authority would like to advise all those wishing to get married under the Marriage Act to follow the right procedure, especially if they are getting married for the second time. The local authority would also like to advise all those seeking to be married under the Marriage Act to make the application with genuine intentions,” she said.

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