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Numerous potential recipients visit NAPSA headquarters

People are lining up in long lines outside the Napsa headquarters in Kitwe in an effort to start the process of partially withdrawing their donations.

President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday ratified the National Pensions Scheme Amendment.

Contributors may withdraw a portion of their pensions under the modified law.

Potential beneficiaries have swarmed to Napsa’s headquarters in Kitwe as they attempt to personally start the process of withdrawing some of their donations, despite the organization’s insistence that the procedure can be finished online.

A crowd was seen when I visited the Napsa offices in Kitwe.

A miner named David Nsama claimed that because he does not own a smartphone, he is unable to start the process of partially withdrawing his pension.

“I heard you could do it online, but not all of us have smartphones, so my colleague and I came here.But, given the number of people present, I am not sure we have to wait,” Nsama remarked.

A contributing member must have made at least 60 donations to be eligible to withdraw their money, and they must also be older than 45.

The recipients are permitted to withdraw a one-time amount equal to 20% of their total contributions. They will be able to receive interest on top of the amount because it will be indexed.

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