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Man accused of murdering wife for allowing child to play with match sticks

A Luapula man is charged with killing his wife because they let their kid play with a box of matchsticks.

While his daughter was playing with a box of matchsticks at their Kayanike village residence in the Mwense District, Matipa did not take it well.

According to Luapula Police commanding officer Fwambo Siame, Matipa killed his wife as a result of taking out his rage on her.

“Brief facts are that the husband to the deceased saw his three year old daughter playing with a box of matches outside the house which did not go well with him. He started quarrelling with his wife as to why she had allowed the child to be playing with matches. In the process of arguing the deceased went into the house where she was followed by the husband who started beating her,” Mr Siame said.

He said the brother to the deceased was alerted after the baby started crying.

“Kaoma James the young brother to the deceased who was outside the house nearby who immediately rushed there and found his sister laying on the floor lifeless. Thereafter he alerted other people about what Mr Matipa had done to his sister,” Mr Siame said.

However, he said that when police arrived at the scene, they verified the incident since “the body was found laying on a mattress. No physical injuries were found on the body during a physical examination.

The culprit was taken into custody by police after being captured.

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