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Man Convicted Following BBC Probe Trafficking Investigation

A man at the center of a BBC Africa Eye investigation was convicted of trafficking disabled people in Kenya and was given a 30-year prison sentence or a fine of 30,000,000 Kenyan shillings ($242,000; £196,000).

An undercover investigation by the BBC in June of last year revealed a network of human traffickers transporting handicapped children from Tanzania to Kenya.

A better life was promised so many children whose parents were taken away. Instead, the kids were made to scrounge for money on the streets, frequently for years, while their captors kept all the money.

Some of the victims claimed that if they did not earn enough money, they would be beaten.

James Zengo Nestory was detained, and a Nairobi court has already found him guilty.

“I also saw you have a disability. You might not thrive in prison, the magistrate Agnes Wahito warned.

“Since this is your first offense, I’ve given you the lowest possible sentence, which is to pay 30,000,000 [shillings].” If you don’t have [it], you’ll spend 30 years behind bars.

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