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US To Build Rural Roads

The Zambian administration is allegedly managing the country’s affairs in a way that has inspired and impressed the US authorities.

According to MICHAEL GONZALES, the US ambassador to Zambia, the American people are inspired by the various reforms the Zambian government is implementing in a number of areas to improve the lives of its residents.

According to Mr. GONZALES, this is the reason why his government has committed to assisting Zambia in improving its rural roads through the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

According to the US envoy, bettering rural roads will make it easier for farmers to carry their goods to markets and boost the economy.

This morning, Mr. GONZALES indicated that rural roads in Zambia will be improved under the Millennium Challenge Corporation during a courtesy call to Infrastructure & Housing Minister CHARLES MILUPI.

And Mr. MILUPI expressed his gratitude to the American government for its assistance with rural roads.


Rural roads, according to Mr. MILUPI, are a government priority since they improve people’s lives by enabling farmers to sell their products in both domestic and international markets.

In order to provide Zambians with the best rural connection, he declared that all road projects will be completed quickly and at the proper price.

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