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Man Dies after Ingesting What is thought to be Medication

A man dies after ingesting what is thought to be a medication to help him stop drinking alcohol

A MAN from the Mwense district has passed away after ingesting a mixture that he was given by a traditional healer and thought was a medication to help him stop drinking.

Ephraim Mwape, 63, passed away after ingesting the mixture that made him violently throw up.

Following the passing of Mr. Mwape, the police seized a traditional healer named Dout Chande, according to Luapula Province Commanding Officer Gloria Mulele.

According to Ms. Mulele, the incident took place on December 27, 2022, about 15:00.

She added that Mr. Mwape sought out treatment from the traditional healer with the help of his sister, Judith Mwape, 78, so he could give up drinking.

“Mr Mwape 63 of Mwense district died after taking some concoction mixed in Kachasu beer which was given to him by a traditional healer purporting to be medicine to stop drinking alcohol.Mr Mwape started vomiting  and in the  afternoon at 15:00 hours he was rushed to Mambilima Mission hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,”she said.

She said samples of the concoction have been taken for analysis.

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