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Masebo Invites Japan To Spend Money On Medical Production

SYLVIA MASEBO, the minister of health in Japan, has urged Japanese investors to think about funding domestic manufacture of critical drugs and medical equipment.

Ms. MASEBO said Japanese investors are welcome to come and set up industries to promote the local manufacturing of inexpensive and high-quality critical pharmaceuticals and medical supplies when the Japanese Ambassador to Zambia, TAKEUCHI KAZUYUKI, paid a courtesy visit on her at her office in Lusaka.

According to Ms. MASEBO, the administration will make sure to implement interventions to increase the accessibility of medications and medical supplies.

She has also advocated for more funding for the Zambia National Public Health Reference Laboratory’s capacity building efforts and for studies on human-transmissible animal viruses.

Ms. MASEBO has again pleaded with the Japanese government to assist in carrying out the recently unveiled National Health Strategy Plan.

And TAKEUCHI KAZUYUKI, the Japanese ambassador to Zambia, says that Japan values the friendly relationship it has had with the Zambian government since Zambia’s independence and is still committed to further cooperation.

According to Mr. KAZUYUKI, Japanese companies have always been eager to engage in Zambia and will look for methods to strengthen their partnership in order to make investments in the domestic manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

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