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Media owners advised to raise journalist salaries

DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA, the minister of education, has asked media proprietors to raise pay for media workers, particularly for private media journalists.

Mr. SYAKALIMA claims that although journalists work hard to enlighten the public, they are compensated inadequately.

The Education Minister said in a speech read on his behalf by James Chomba, Assistant Director for Standards at the Ministry of Education, that the government did not take joy in seeing media owners and other businesses break labor laws.

The development of the country, according to Mr. SYAKALIMA, depends greatly on the work of journalists.

This occurred yesterday night in Lusaka at the joint Policy Monitoring and Research Center and Zambia National Education Coalition Media Awards ceremony.

Additionally, PMRC Acting Executive Director Sydney Mwamba urged the media to keep covering the government’s ongoing economic development.


And ZANEC Vice Chairperson MARLON PHIRI claimed that the media performed a fantastic job by timely updating readers on the public health safeguards the government was putting in place during the covid pandemic.


Five ZNBC journalists won media honors from ZANEC and PMRC at the same time.


Reporter MUSHOTA MPUNDU, who is stationed in Kitwe, won two ZANEC prizes, and ZNBC Senior Reporter PAUL SHALALA took home one.

Along with Tonga Section Producer OBINATO SAILI, Senior Reporters MASAUSO MKWAYAYA and MACPHERSON MUKUKA of PMRC each received prizes.

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