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Parents Advised to permit children to receive COVID-19 shots

MULAMBO HAIMBE, a member of parliament for Lusaka Central, has pleaded with parents to permit their children under the age of 17 to receive the Covid 19 vaccine.

People have been warned not to believe the falsehoods and misconceptions regarding the Covid 19 Vaccine by Mr. HAIMBE, who is also the Justice Minister.

He claims that more than 70% of the population has received a Covid vaccination and that none of the vaccine users have had any negative side effects.

This was said by the Lusaka Central Lawmaker at the Bauleni Market re-launch of the Crisis Communication Chapter Zambia.

Since then, Mr. HAIMBE has praised the crisis communications chapter for the efforts they are making to ensure that people receive the Covid 19 Pandemic vaccine.

Additionally, JANE CHIRWA, the manager of MISA Zambia’s programs, urged marketeers who had not yet received the vaccine to do so.

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