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Medical team in Japan for Program aimed at enhancing healthcare

a medical team in Japan for a program aimed at enhancing management of healthcare facilities nationwide

Nine medical professionals from Zambia are now in Japan as part of a JICA Co-Creation initiative that aims to enhance administration of healthcare institutions nationwide in order to provide high-quality medical care.

With a view to addressing the needs of developing countries, the ongoing Knowledge Co-Creation Programme (KCCP) includes a variety of topics such as cutting-edge science and technology, hospital administration, and local systems.

This comes from a statement made by Faith Chilube, the Republic of Zambia’s First Secretary Press in Japan.

According to Akutsu Kentaro, Senior Director of JICA’s Africa Division, JICA will continue to support the expansion of Zambia’s health sector.

Mr. Kentaro clarified that one way Japan promotes the education of qualified healthcare professionals is through the JICA Knowledge Co-creation initiative.

“The program will enable increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of quality health services”, said Mr Kentaro.

Consity Mwale, the provincial health director for Lusaka, said on behalf of the physicians that the program will increase management capability to give high-quality care in the improved institutions.

“The health services here are very advanced and we have been amazed at how much we have learnt so far. They are focusing on giving us a comprehensive view of how they run their health services and they have taken through on how they run their key health systems that help us to provide quality health systems,” he said.

Dr. Mwale emphasized that the program will support hospitals and advance the government’s goal of ensuring universal access to healthcare.

The KCCP also works to foster increased cooperation with other development partners and assist in addressing a variety of regional, global, and national development concerns.

JICA aspires to actively share Japanese perspectives and methods as well as contribute to global debates and knowledge exchange.

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