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Joyce Skefu opens up on her recovery journey after suffering mild stroke

South African actress Joyce Skefu says she’s getting stronger by the day while on her road to recovery after suffering a mild stroke.

The veteran actress, popularly known for her role as Maletsatsi on Scandal!, took to her timeline to share an update after revealing the news in March 2022.

“Hello loves, I miss you, miss work, miss the period before Covid-19. This shows that life has many surprises as we journey to eternity. Can you believe that as our spirit matures so is the world. Thank you for your consistent support, my health is improving daily. Love wins,” she wrote.

Joyce Skefu

Lira is another celebrity who suffered a stroke, more than a year ago, and has also been candid with fans about her recovery journey.

In a statement shared with the publication, Lira’s family revealed the singer had travelled to Germany for a performance but suffered a stroke in April 2022 that affected her ability to communicate.

Marking on her Instagram timeline a year since the incident, the singer reflected on how she had to learn the basics of communication again and expressed her gratitude for another chance at life.

Joyce Skefu

“I had aphasia. I couldn’t speak or write or read. And I must say that I am lucky. Many people don’t come away with that. I had to learn speaking as a child, learning how to say each letter, and forming a sentence. I did so joyfully though. I had no anxiety, no stress, just peace and calm. I have made such huge progress and I gave a speech at my birthday party. I’m almost there.

“Thank you to all of you who kept me in your prayers and kept me in your good thoughts. You let your light shine for me. In the year that I’ve needed to learn how to speak I’ve enjoyed listening and the silence. I’ve learnt to be happier. I’ve learnt to enjoy the simple things. Life is a gift and I hope to celebrate the gift of life for many years.”


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Gogo Maweni

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