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Minister: HH is a Christian and does not support LGBT

President Hakainde Hichilema, according to Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu, is not in favor of lgbt.

According to Mr. Mwiimbu, the President has made his stance on lgbt crystal clear.

In a ministerial statement delivered this afternoon in Parliament, Mr. Mwiimbu claimed that President Hichilema is opposed to lgbt and that he stands on Christian values and principles since he is a Christian.

According to Mr. Mwiimbu, it is troubling that some segments of society are implying that the government supports LGBT.

“It is important to note that the President hichilema has publicly made his position known that he does not support gayism in all its forms. The president is a christian who conforms to all values of christianity. In addition, the United Party for National Development (UPND) does not support gayism. It is, therefore, preposterous for anyone to insinuate that the Government condemns homosexuality,”Mr Mwiimbu said.

He stated that the actions taken by supporters of LGBT rights from the Sistah Sistah foundation should be denounced.

The Minister stated that the police are attentively looking into the situation and that four people have thus far been detained for spreading rumors about the march past that took place on Saturday.

According to Mr. Mwiimbu, the foundation’s warning to the police went against their position on lesbian and LGBT rights, which is prohibited in Zambia.

He stated that the suspects should show up in court soon.

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