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Mpongwe teacher detained Attempting to set Taxi Driver on fire

After attempting to burn a Kitwe taxi driver on fire on Sunday, an MPONGWE instructor found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Masiye Mwelwa, a taxi driver who works out of the Kamwanya taxi rank, was targeted by Katukula Muchuu of Kitwe’s Chimwemwe slum, who was later detained.

On the relevant day, Muchuu approached Mwelwa at the Kamwanya taxi stand in Kitwe and doused him with what was likely gasoline in an effort to set him ablaze.

“Brief facts are that yesterday, February 11, 2023 Masiye Mwelwa was at Kamwanya taxi rank doing his usual business as a taxi driver of a Toyota Corolla registration number BCB 7806 gray in color,” Copperbelt police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba said “Whilst there he was approached by a male person who booked him from Kamwanya to Kitwe main Bus Station. Before starting off, Masiye was asked by the suspect to pass through a certain house within Chimwemwe Township to pick up his wife,” he said.

To Mwelwa’s amazement, according to Mr. Mweemba, he was taken to the Chimwemwe CEC pylons where he allegedly poured what was thought to be gasoline over his face.

“Fortunately, the victim managed to fight the suspect off him and called for help. Luckily, Mwelwa managed to stop the car, and in the process, the car key was grabbed from him. He struggled with him, and fortunate enough, he overpowered him and called for help.

“Some people rushed there and apprehended him. Masiye sustained swollen eyes and bruises on the shoulders. The suspect was taken to Mindolo Police Station where he was searched and Police found him with a match box, a green jar where the alleged petrol was, a knife and a bag, and arrest made on the suspect,” Mr Mweemba said.

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