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Underage Lusaka girl Defiled by 16-year-old schoolboy she met online

A 16-year-old student who met another young person on Instagram has been charged with defiling his “new acquaintance” at her Kamwala South parent’s home.

The young offender first communicated with the girl via Instagram before meeting up with her in person while her parents were abroad.

The boy is accused of defiling someone on August 15, 2013, according to the allegations.

According to the allegations, the victim’s mother saw three missed calls from her housekeeper on the relevant day at around 15:00 while she was at work.

Her 18-year-old son answered the phone when she returned the call and informed her that the victim had a male visitor staying with her.

Following that, the woman called her older sister and asked her to visit and see what her daughter was doing.

Her older sister described what her 18-year-old son told her when she got home from work around 17:30 hours.

According to the woman’s older sister, the 18-year-old son described how the gate to the yard was unlocked when he arrived home from school, which was odd because the maid always locks it.

Once inside, the boy began eating lunch in the living room. He requested the maid to close the gate when he spotted her.

She walked by the victim’s bedroom on her way to the gate, and when she peered through the window, she saw a boy who was naked inside.

Before she called the victim’s older brother, the maid also noticed that the victim was also naked.

The victim’s mother approached her daughter after learning the specifics of what transpired while she was at work to inquire about her male visitor.

She later discovered that the two kids had been corresponding on Instagram for some time.

After taking the child to the doctor, the woman reported the incident to Kabwata Police Station.

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