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Serenje woman hits husband, Taxi driver, for being up too late

A Serenje cab driver, 22, is being treated for injuries after his 20-year-old wife beat him up for arriving home later than expected.

It’s thought that Darlington Bwalya’s wife Violet Ngandwe beat him up for staying up late by hitting him with an empty beer bottle.

The incident left Mr. Bwalya with serious cuts on his left hand and back.

Police have subsequently started looking into the situation, according to Central Province Police Commissioner David Chileshe, and a manhunt has been started to find and apprehend Mr. Bwalya’s wife.

He said that a case of unlawful wounding and gender-based violence (GBV) had been reported to the police.

“Brief facts were that the victim went home late after knocking off from work. When he reached home the wife asked him as to where he had been of which she got upset and a quarrel ensued,” he said.

Mr Chileshe said the wife then took the empty beer bottle and assaulted the husband.

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