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Musa Khawula trashing Anele Mdoda’s seven-year-old boy

Musa Khawula insulting Anele Mdoda and her seven-year-old son Alakhe shocked viewers who believed the controversial blogger was out of line in his latest rant. In the clip, Khawula made his views known when he bashed Alakhe, saying that he was not a fan of the little boy.

“So anyway, we are just going to move on and talk about Anele Mdoda’s son Alakhe right? I don’t like that f***ing child and that fat a** mother, by the way. Khawula’s views come off the back of Alakhe’s nomination for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award (KCA).

musa khawula

Khawula shared his views, saying he foresaw that Alakhe would win the award only because he has been rubbing shoulders with prominent celebrities like Trevor Noah and Sizwe.

“Anyway, congratulations to Alakhe, obviously he’s gonna [going to] win because, you know why, he’s been spending a lot of time with Trevor Noah and Sizwe and whatnot, but then I know that you guys would be voting, so congratulations to this f***ed up child,” the entertainment blogger said.

Viewers were floored by Khawula’s comments. One stunned social media user shared the clip on Twitter and captioned it, Hating on an innocent kid is wild, Musa Khawula

The radio personality has not responded to Khawula’s post, but we are almost sure she will respond. In the past, the mama bear has not taken any negativity surrounding her son kindly.

As previously reported by The South African, one social media user trolled Alakhe’s father last month, referring to him as a “deadbeat father”.

Mdoda came in guns blazing to stick up for her son’s dad and addressed the online user, saying,

“ALAKHE’S dad is very present, my love. So is mine. It would appear you are the one here showing lack of a father but clearly many daddies.

“On your knees sthandwa sam [my love], it is the only affection you know how to get from men clearly,” she added.

Source: thesouthafrican

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