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MWIIMBU: Rule of Law Restored

The restoration of the rule of law, according to Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security JACK MWIIMBU, is taking place.

According to Mr. MWIIMBU, the public is starting to regain faith in the Zambia Police Service.

He claims that after years of security concerns, law and order have been restored in public locations like markets and bus stations.

Last night in Lusaka, Mr. MWIIMBU spoke at the 2022 Zambia Police Annual Ball.

The minister declared that the government is dedicated to helping the Police uphold law and order throughout the nation.

He disclosed that the government will buy 156 vehicles for the Police this year to improve their operations.

While this was going on, Inspector General of Police LEMMY KAJOBA revealed that in 2022, there were over 17,000 criminal cases reported, up from 14,000 in 2021.

Mr. KAJOBA linked the rise in crime on illegal immigration, social media abuse, and high unemployment rates.

He declared that the police department will increase community patrols this year in an effort to lower the crime rate.

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