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NALUMANGO: We are looking at not interfering with attorney general’s office

Following the relocation of several employees from the Auditor General’s office, Vice President Mutebale Nalumango rejected claims that the government was interfering with the work of the office.

According to Ms. NALUMANGO, the relocation of some Auditor General’s Office employees who are allegedly involved in financial irregularities is intended to make investigations run more smoothly.

The action, according to Ms. NALUMANGO, will prevent the cops implicated in the incident from tampering with potential evidence.

According to Ms. NALUMANGO, there is no law in ZAMBIA that prohibits the transfer of any government employee from one institution to another.

According to her, this proves that any potential transfer of government employees is legal.

Ms. NALUMANGO was replying to opposition leader BRIAN MUNDUBILE.

The Vice President was questioned by Mr. Mundubile on whether or not the government had complied with the Constitution when it came to the transfer of individuals from the Auditor General’s Office who had been accused of financial irregularities.

She was responding to lawmakers MUTOTWE KAFWAYA of the LUNTE Constituency and STEPHEN KAMPYONGO of the SHIWANG’ANDU Constituency.

Also, the Constitution gives the President the authority to make administrative changes to the Auditor General’s Office when there are flaws at the institution, according to Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister JACK MWIMBU.

The Constitution’s article 251 has been invoked by Mr. MWIMBU.

After the Vice President’s Question Time in the National Assembly, he was responding to claims made by SHIWANGANDU Member of Parliament STEPHEN KAMPYONGO.

Mr. MWIMBU raised a point of order stating that Mr. KAMPYONGO was ignoring article 51 of the Constitution and solely relying on article 250 of the Constitution to argue that the office of the Auditor General is immune from interference from the government.

He questioned if it was proper for lawmakers to misinform people about the duties and rules governing the Auditor General’s Office.

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